• Browse a colorful collection of quirky, artisanal treasures
  • Find regionally-inspired home decor, tea sets, caftans and more
  • A unique shopping venue, one that engages all five senses

For travelers, half the battle—no matter where you are—is finding the right things to bring back for the people at home. Skip the cheesy tchotchkes hawked at the various souks, and definitely don’t wait to buy your souvenirs at Dubai International—your loved ones can smell an airport souvenir a mile away. Instead, make a beeline for O’de Rose, on Al Wasl Road, where two Lebanese cousins have gathered a treasure trove of quirky artisanal finds and pop-chic items from across the Middle East. This little shop is the stuff of your Arabian Nights fever dreams: a converted residential villa chockablock with colorful leather poufs, Suzani ottomans, mod pillows festooned with images of the Egyptian songstress Umm Kulthum, Arabic coffee sets, ornate Moroccan tea glasses, bohemian jewelry with Hand of Fatima motifs, and plenty of flowy caftans. You (and your friends back home) will be ever so glad you went.

The best way to get to this unique shop is by taking Dubai-Ghweifat International Highway. Follow the map to the intersection of Al Wasl and 25C, where you’ll see the store on the left. Just look for the white townhouses and you’ve found it.

​​999 Al Wasl Rd.; +971-(0)4-348-7990;