• Explore a remarkable, stackable entertainment complex
  • Stroll through sustainable art while you shop upscale stores
  • Get cozy with local cuisine at one of over thirty dining venues

The Boxpark concept, which originated in London’s East End, is perfect for Dubai, as it evolves its image beyond tricked-out mega-malls. The 220 shipping containers in the Boxpark complex form a combination of indoor and outdoor experiences more akin to a shopping center in Southern California than anything we’ve seen in Dubai. There are about 30 restaurants and a dozen shops, and there’s free Wi-Fi throughout—so you can post snaps of your favorite Khaleeji treats from Logma (the Emirati restaurant; the menu here is a great education in the local cuisine), or the creamy burrata from Bianca Mozzarella bar, or your favorite scoop of gelato (from Italian import Dri Dri). Come evening, local families descend on the mall, promenade with ice cream cones, and stay out till way past our bedtime.

You can find this one of a kind shopping complex right on Al Wasl Road. When you come to the intersection of 13th Street and Al Wasl, just take a left. In a minute or two, you’ll see the impressive shipping containers of Boxpark.

​​BOXPARK: Al Wasl Rd.;